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LEXIUM line of Professional Satellite meters & Receivers


1.  The newly redesigned LEXIUM DBS6600 Free To Air receiver is a low cost, high performing digital satellite receiver with all the advanced features of a modern satellite receiver but designed for simple use and longivity.  This receiver comes ready to be installed and pre-programmed for all the channels broadcsting from the Galaxy19 satellite located at 97°W.  Click Here for more information....

2.  The all new LEXIUM FastAlign® 6100Mini satellite meter is the newst meter developed by LEXIUM.  This little meter is packed with features.  Individual satellite names, transponder frequencies, symbol rates, polarities, and LNBF LO frequencies can be programmed into the meter and saved for future use.  The meter also has 22KHz switching and an external power port.  Click Here for more information....

Professional Grade Satellite Signal Meters


FastAlign® 5110Pro with QuickSweep® Technology & QuickRecovery® Software


FastAlign® 6100Mini

MPEG4 / DVB-S2 (HD) Digital Semi-Professional Meter

Satellite Blue Sky And Sun
 Breaking News....

FastAlign® 6100Mini
Is Here!

Excellent DVB-S2 & MPEG4 Digital Satellite Meter!


FastAlign® 5110Pro
 Is Here!

Features QuickSweep® Technology & 3 digit azimuth display!